How is there still no Dislike button on Facebook? We are not the only ones who want it so we’re making it! We create the dizzlike button on Facebook as well as

on every other website too and then you can share your dislikes on Dizzlike Profile, which is a parallel profile on (integrates with) Facebook. Therefore, on Dizzlike Profile you can tell e.g. your least favorite movie, what companies you boycott or the news. Doesn’t it tell more about a person anyway, to know, what he does NOT like or isn’t interested in?



This is how the Dizzlike Button looks like on Facebook!

Dislike CNN

And this is how it looks like outside of Facebook!












Right now we’re reaching for awareness among people while programming this awesome App. We have now released our alpha version and soon we’ll have a campaign on Kickstarter. So please, spread the word, share our fb page and let everyone know that we’ll make the thumb down and a lot more possible!


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