Goal of the game: Get rid of your virtual friends in Dizzlike!

Don’t worry, your real Facebook-friends are not harmed.


Everyone who likes Facebook should try the browsergame “Dizzlike“

You’re part of a virtual social community and your goal is to make yourself unpopular and to be removed from your “friends’“ friendlists. You can achieve this by accomplishing annoying and funny actions.

Create an anti-profile where you can list things you don’t like or are not interested in. There will be the chance of using it outside of the game, just like a real Facebook profile.

But don’t worry: the whole thing is just for fun – real Facebook profiles aren’t affected.

We need your help! 98% of people who know about Dizzlike, love it. The problem is that only a slight share of our target group knows about it. And that’s a problem where you can help. So please, share our website and Facebook page and tell all your friends about Dizzlike!