beginning of Dizzlike! and its team

The idea of Dizzlike! came during Startup Weekend in Nuremberg.
Luis first spread out the idea of an anti-social network. Many participants of the Startup Weekend were stoked by this thought. Short research: There was already something like that but it was only a website where you can’t sign up.

So we sat down together and thought about it. The idea is great but we need to develop it. What would people like to spend time with? Games! And what should be the goal of this game? Well, everyone agreed on that. They’re fed up with pointless status updates „Look I ate lasagne today!“ which are blocking their wall. So the goal was quickly defined – As few friends as possible.

Dizzlike! is – in it’s self irony – a facebook-only browser game. So no hard words to Facebook. We all are glad that it is there, but sometimes you need a vacation from this huge information overload. Why not a vacation with a little gaming?

After this weekend we had a great concept and we didn’t want to let it drown. So, next StartUp Weekend, next steps in the Dizzlike! progress and some months later Dizzlike! was on BarCamp. Each time Dizzlike! was in such events, more people joined the Dizzlike! team. The concept of the project was complete (mechanics etc.) Later on we discussed the financing and crowdfunding was a huge theme. It still is.

But the world isn’t ready yet for Dizzlike: the game. Instead, people are waiting for the dislike button. Dizzlike Profile is a smaller app than Dizzlike: the game and therefore faster to make. But that doesn’t mean that Dizzlike: the game is dead. It just needs to wait for a while. Right now we’re programming Dizzlike Profile and soon we’ll Kickstart it. People don’t need to wait for long anymore.

On different occasions more and more people were convinced of our idea and concept, and joined us. Here is a list of the main members of our Dizzlike! team:

  • Dr. Luis Prill Sempere: Creator and external adviser
  • Anton Levitskij: Man behind this project. Holds everything together
  • Robert de Temple: Member since secound StartUp Weekend in Nuremberg. Takes a huge part in the developement of the game concept
  • Achim Kober: Design und concept
  • Anke Gabriel: Design
  • David Schwalm: Developed the backgroundstory
  • Michael Bernert: QA, videoediting and concept
  • Flo Schöps: QA and concept
  • Leander Kirner: Marketing and Communication
  • Joachim Zons: Music and Sounddesigner (Kickstarter video)
  • Aida Smajic: USA central
  • Maija Riuttamäki: Marketing and Communication

One day at a team meeting we decided to shoot a mini documentary to introduce us to the internet world:

Below you see some pictures from the StartUp Weekend, where the idea of Dizzlike! first came up.